Weird and Crazy: 12 Most Hilarious Google Searches

Do you know that your browser apart from being informative can also be funny at times? Just type something, and look at the suggestions offered by Google. You will find that there are some real gems who make an amazing history with Google. We have compiled some crazy and weird google searches that will help you discover the wild corners of our fellow humans. Scroll down for those hilarious google searches that will definitely make you laugh your heart out.


Image One- Hilarious Google Searches

Well, what comes to your mind when you type the word ‘cons’. It can be a consequence or conscious. But, I find it crazy among all the other pop-ups, someone searching for “I want to be consumed by you”

Image Two- Hilarious Google Searches

Do you look at…………What end can you imagine with this statement? I am wondering what was going inside the person’s head

Image Three- Hilarious Google Searches

Oh! I look at it every morning. I don’t know whether he is talking to a person or google. But, I am desperate to know why did he think of eating crossword clue.

Image Four- Hilarious Google Searches

He wants to find some way to download a girlfriend. Do tell me the trick, man. Even, I want to download a boyfriend.

He wishes to be a leaf. But why? I think that this person is frustrated by the human race and needs some way to escape.

Image Six- Hilarious Google Searches

I agree that most of the Google search has something about sex, but this one is alarming. Will it be counted among bizarre or hilarious google searches? I cannot decide.



Image Seven- Hilarious Google Searches

Okay, I agree that someone can hate grapes. But they discuss me. I’m still thinking what question actually this fellow wished to google.

Image Eight- Hilarious Google Searches

What is boyfriend material? Well, I also want to know which material is this and where is it found.



Image Nine- Hilarious Google Searches

Never knew that this query is too popular. It’s okay if you meow at cats for fun. But, why didn’t this person complete a sentence? What was the cat’s reaction?

Image Ten- Hilarious Google Searches

OMG! I thought about it this morning.
Image Eleven- Hilarious Google Searches

This fellow is googling not only Google’s name, but also his name. Anyways, what results did google show to him?


Image Twelve- Hilarious Google Searches

He is in battle with a black panther. Who do you think will win the fight?

Do you like these screenshots of cool and hilarious google searches? What weird suggestions have you discovered while googling something?

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