Single is the New Sexy! Are You Sexy Too?

Single life, ahh! It’s just a bum rap. Being in a relationship is great. Isn’t it? Nah! Gone are the days when singles used to feel embarrassed at the question-“Are you still single?”. Now, they wear their single status confidently and flaunt it off. Single is the new sexy! I’m single, it’s my choice. I feel sexy about it. I really find it fantastic. There is so much fun in being single. Then, why listen their words- live life king size.  Being single has a hell lot of advantages. Some of them are-

No drama of arguments and tempers rising

Flirt, Oh ya! Wanna find the perfect love- it’s in our hormones- but soon after finding the one “made for us”, there comes a usual drama of arguments, tempers rising. Who wants that? Variety is the spice of our life. Hehe, you would have smiled at that. Didn’t you? Do smile, man! You are all free, no one is going to grind their teeth and stare at you if you flirt with someone. The field is all yours. Go out and play! You are single. You are sexy.


No need to be answerable to anyone

So you said bye, gotta do some work, catch you later, and the chat ended. But you are still online chatting with friends and here comes the message “you are ignoring me, don’t ever talk, bye”. Do you like to be answerable to anyone? Or waiting for that blue tick to appear on your message? Obviously not. So, why not embrace singlehood instead?


Life is too short to sit around and wait for Mr. Right or Ms. Right

Wanna catch up with your real buddies at night? Wanna meet a cute close friend of yours? Do it! Spend quality time with your real buddies- late night parties- any time traveling- lots of fun. No one is going to give weird expressions at it. ! Be single, be sexy.


You don’t have to be a hairless goddess in your bedroom

Would you like to shave or wax in winter-cool nights? Doesn’t it suck to keep yourself a smooth and silky maximum of the times just to please anyone? Being single, it’s totally okay to get it done once in a while. So, do you agree that being single is being sexy?


Want a bottle of wine for dinner? Wanna drink straight out of a bottle? No regrets.

No sharing. A perfect night for the perfect person. No one is going to guilt trip you if you lose control and don’t respond to their call at night.


You don’t have to lose weight or schedule your day around someone else

Wanna enjoy a cup of ice cream along with sandwich while curled in a blanket, as ‘Game of Thrones’ plays. No guilt. Go for it. Being single, you won’t have to miss a single episode.


Your life, your style. Yes, I mean lifestyle!

You are a night owl, he’s an early bird. You recycle and reuse everything, he throws it in the garbage once used. No matter how close you both are in a relationship, compromises are always needed. Be single, live the way you want to, no one is going to be on your nerves.


Wallet is always fatter

You will have more cash to spend. There is no need to choose- whether to spend a gallon on ice cream or put it in a piggy bank to buy him/her a gift, new outfits, and the list never ends.


You will have a number of cheerleaders in your friends’ group

Being single, you’ll have long-lasting friendship with strong bonds, more trustworthy network of friends to help and support than counterparts.


You can eat what you want to, whatever you want to, the way you want to, without getting judged…

Without having to worry about passive-aggressive comments of someone- ‘you don’t know how to cook’ or ‘why don’t you clean the utensils immediately after eating’, you can do the things your way.



Pizza won’t betray you

In a relationship, everything has to be shared. Pizza pie ‘+2’. But being single, entire pizza is yours.  Pizza won’t fight with you. It will just require you to place an order through food delivery app. So, why not love it in different ways?


You are free to wake up anytime you want to…

You do not have without worrying about someone waking you up at odd times. Your snuggling partner ‘pillow’ will always be yours. You don’t have to be answerable to anyone if you sleep until noon on weekends.


New problem never pampers you a lot

Being single, you are more resilient and faster in tackling problems. You know how to be calm even when the situation gets worse. Moreover, you become more responsible and have career-oriented goals. Thus, you build a strong relationship with your parents.


Have a Netflix Day

Cuddling with him throughout night sounds amazing. What if, he is a snorer? This reason may not be always true, but yes, entire bed is yours when you are single. You can smack-dab in the middle of it anytime. You don’t have to schedule your day around someone else. Wanna Netflix all day? Fill your Netflix queue with all your favorite movies. And bonus: you don’t have to compromise on what to watch next. Sounds way better, doesn’t it?


Neither hesitancy. Nor shyness.

Imagine, you are excited to have a dinner party with your partner. What if she says ‘I don’t feel like eating right now’? What if you are a shy type of guy? Would you feel good waiting for her mood to ignite? Obviously not. So, be single. You will be free of all obligations and compromises.


Treat yourself like a king

Many of you are in search of a perfect match on dating apps like Tinder. But just because every other person is doing it doesn’t mean a relationship is the perfect definition of happiness. A relationship doesn’t fit all and depends on many factors. Even on Valentine’s Day, there is no shame in being single if you love flying solo. Why not treat yourself at MC. Donald’s instead?


I hope now you have got few reasons to believe that single status is sexy and stylish. Do you agree that you don’t need a partner to live sexy life?

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