51 Hilarious Math Puns to Tickle your Funny Bone!

Whether you hate math or love math, there’s no denying that math puns make the hilarious of jokes. Here for you, I curate 51 funniest math puns that’ll make you laugh your arc (I mean heart) out!

1. What did Zero say to Eight?

Hey bro, nice belt!

2. Why don’t people attempt arithmetic in Jungle?

Because if they add 4 and 4, they’d get ate.

3. Why did the mathematician cancel his Netflix subscription?

Because he found Amazon Prime.

4. Why did the boy call her girlfriend a square root of -100?

Because he wants her to be perfect 10 but that’s purely imaginary.

5. In which bar do mathematicians go for a party? (one of my favorite math puns)

Bar graphs! 

6. What rating would mathematicians give to American Pie?



Image One - Math Puns

7. Why do mathematicians hate math books?

Because it has a lot of problems!

8. What reply did the mathematician give to algebra when he asked Y to find his X?

He replied, “Please don’t ask Y to find your X, dear”. She will not come back. 😂

9. Why did mathematicians work from their home?

Because they preferred to work in their domain.

10. What types of angle do mathematicians like?

A-cute one.

11. Why do mathematicians hate summer’s sun?

Because it gives them tan-gent.

12. Why does the Maths teacher only drink alcohol at parties? (another favorite from the list of math puns)

Because they fear to drink and derive.

13. Why is six always afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9 in front of 6(789). 😜

14. Why did the Romans never fail at finding X? (one of the most intelligent math puns on this list)

Because they always knew X is equal to 10.

15. Why do mathematicians like the cylinder of radius z and height a?

Because its volume is πr2h – p-i-z-z-a.

16. What is the blood group of maths topper?

Obviously, A+.

17. What do mathematicians call retirement?


18. Why two 4s always skip meals?

Because they already ate (4+4=8).

19. How do mathematicians define a polar bear?

A rectangular bear with coordinate transformed.

20. Why do math students do multiplication on the floor?

Because their teachers teach them not to use tables.

21. How do mathematicians make seven an even number?

By removing the s out of it.

22. Why is the Geometry teacher absent?

Because she sprained her angle.

23. How will the Maths professor propose his girlfriend?

By gifting her polynomial ring.

24. How did 2 tease 4 after winning the race?

Actually, I am 2 fast for you!

Image Two - Math Puns

25. Why are Romans not interested in algebra? (repeated joke, but still one of the intelligent math puns!)

Because for them, X is always 10.

26. What do insects call an ant which is not feeling well?

Sec-ant (Sick-ant).

27. How do mathematicians vanish variable ”one”?

They add g and it is gone.

28. Why do students bunk math class?

Because math book has lots of problems that need to be worked out.

29. When do students like decimals?

Because they have a point. 

30. Why do mathematicians have lots of children?

Because they know how to multiply.

31. Why didn’t an algebra student attempt any question in the exam?

Because the answers were imaginary.

32. What do mathematicians throw into a fiery furnace?

Natural logs!

33. Why didn’t student buy a pocket calculator?

Because he realized that no one would want to know how many pockets he has.

34. Why does he call his girlfriend a pi?

Because she is irrational.

35. Which dessert did Issac Newton’s love?

Apple Pi!


Image Three - Math Puns

36. Why do mathematicians skip meals and eat pi?

Because it contains 3.14 calories.

37. Who is the king of pencil case?


38. What is 34+99+1380+156388?

Headache! 😩

39. Why group theory wasn’t discovered by Newton?

Because he wasn’t Abel.

40. How can you say that 36-25-36 is a perfect square?

By looking at her! 

41. If you carry six oranges in one hand and 7 apples in other. What do you have?

Big hands. 🤗

42. What is the erotic number?

When 2 are 1 and don’t pay at10tion, they will know within 5 weeks whether or not, after 9 months, they will be 3.

43. Why maths teachers are good dancers?

Because they know algo-rithms. (rhythms…get it?)

44. Little Johnny had 35 sugarcanes. He ate 30. What does he have now?


45. Why do plants hate maths?

Because it gives them square roots.

46. Which hospital do mathematicians go when they are ill?

L’ Hospital.

47. What do we call a lady with a split personality?

Bi-nary (Bi-nari). (nari (Hindi): Woman)

48. Why did mutually exclusive events break up?

Because they had nothing in common.

49. Which snakes are mathematicians afraid of?


50. Where do you buy 38 watermelons and don’t even think the reason for buying?



Image Four - Math Puns

51. Why are obtuse angles so depressed?

Because they’re neither right nor a-cute.

And we’re done! Which one of these made you laugh the most? Let me know in the comments below! 

I will meet you in the next post very soon. Till then, adios! 


Mehak Gumber

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