I am Aware That I am Rare- I’m Perfectly Imperfect

I’m aware that I’m rare and composed of all black and yellow. Hashtag #perfect is trending these days to describe everyone flawless in this world. I’m totally against this flaw-hate relationship. I’m not perfect because I’m not Beyoncé. Even the lines on the painting of the artist seem to be drawn imperfectly when viewed closely. Everything looks perfect from distance.

I do not want to be a Barbie either. Look at her face. She does not have any blackhead. Picture-perfect, she is! Because she is a doll. Frankly speaking, I do not want to be perfect. Even the weather report is some times out of date. How can we be perfect? We are all unicorns and we do not need to believe that vague definition of perfection. We all are rare and different in our ways because we are human and need not accept that cheesy mantra of someone being perfect.

Even my article might appear too edgy or raw to few, or some may not be able to relate it. This is how it is. I’m a flawed person and do not need to be acceptable by everyone. I do need to do what every other person is doing. It’s okay if I’m perfectly imperfect. I’m rare and I’m aware of that.

It’s okay if I laugh foolishly in my friends’ group even when no one is laughing

I’m not living to identify myself just to please others. So, if I cracked a lame joke in public and noone laughed. But, I gave a terrible laugh that turned faces towards me. Then, that’s okay. I do not need to impress anyone. I’m supposed to laugh even if I’m weird or unfit for them. I’m not forced to do things that they like. Life is just about constantly unfolding happiness in life. And that’s what I do. I enjoy it. I’m aware that I’m rare and I happily accept that.

It’s okay if I have a weird opinion

Pleasing the people is a paralyzed state. I never cease myself trying to satisfy every other person. I’m like a weird, peculiar and wacky sky dancer.  I’m goofy and exposed most of the time. It’s okay if they make fun of me. They are also not robots designed to work perfectly. And most important, I do not owe them anything.

It’s okay if I’m a sentimental person and cry at almost everything

I cry at everything, be it good or a bad. Whether it is a book, a movie or a job interview. Tears well up in my eyes at absolutely everything and my eye-liner draws horrible lines on my face. But, that’s okay. Why do I need to care about how I look in front of people?  What insecurities do I face when I cry in front of my peers? What am I afraid to show them? Absolutely, nothing. I’m rare and I’m aware of it. So, why should I trap myself in the bubble of perfection? I’m an extremely flawed person and I’ve known this since my school days. I accept that and you should too. We all are perfectly imperfect.

Girl Crying- I am Aware That I am Rare

It’s okay if I burn the food whenever I cook

I am a slow learner. I’m rare and now I’m even aware of that. So, I have given up the habit of being right all the times. I don’t want to be wrong either. But the need to be right does me no good at all. It doesn’t improve the situation. Definitely doesn’t make me happy. But justifications that I try to give just end up being excuses and blames. So, why not correct the situation instead of feeling worse? I remember trying a bit of artistry on Easter eggs with my nail polish and how the flowers looked strangely odd. But they were just to be broken down and added to the salad.

Easter Eggs- I am Aware That I am Rare

It’s okay if I have a strange fear of “Vomiting”

I’m not scared of any accident, death or animal. Vomiting! The only fear that I wake up with. But, I cannot spend each minute trying to change myself and being perfect. I just carry deodorizer with me or drink juice before leaving and rock my day. It doesn’t define me as a person. Ever met someone who is perfect? I call such people liars. They are fake and crappy people who have swaddle themselves in the false idea of complacency and boredom. I’m fine being perfectly imperfect.

Vomiting- I am Aware That I am Rare

It’s okay if I’m confused most of the times

Have you ever been in the situation saying”No. No. No way. Never. I just cannot do this”. I often found myself in such absurd scenarios.  After deep breathing of 5 minutes and going through a series of thoughts and remembering past events, I’m like “I have to give it a try”. Out of a sudden, my bubble of hope bursts down and I’m persuaded to not do it. And this confusion ends up taking an hour of my day. But now I cannot trap myself in the guilt-spiral and think about the wasted time, else I’ll waste other sizable portion of the day. It’s human nature to be confused. Everyone has own rare flaws and confusions and we are aware of that.

Confusion- I am Aware That I am Rare

Flaws are not as terrifying as they sound. They just make a small part of us. Though I’m full of flaws. But more than them, I’m a strong person, passionate and love. At the end of the day, we just need to seize happy moments and love ourselves. We are all perfectly imperfect. It is only the media that displays perfection in everyone. Reality is different. Errors lead us to new horizons and give direction to correct ourselves rather than humiliating ourselves. We all are rare and we are aware of that too.

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