22 Healthiest and Yummiest Breakfast Foods

Eating healthy and delicious breakfast food is always a struggle. Hence, we develop a habit of skipping breakfast because we need a quick to prepare, yummy, grab and go breakfast meals. Why not discover breakfast foods that require minimal efforts to cook and are utterly delicious instead of skipping a meal of meals- breakfast. Don’t you believe? From cookies to pancakes, here we have 22 healthy, super tasty and amazing breakfast foods for you.

Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are the perfect grab and go breakfast food. Place yummy fried eggs on the top of the muffin and spread plenty of sauce on it. This will be a satisfying, fun to eat breakfast meal on busy mornings.

Egg Muffins- Breakfast foods

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast! It has one of the simplest breakfast recipes. You just need to toast bread, divide the mashed avocado evenly on it on each bread slice and sprinkle salt or pepper on it and you have got yourself a meal. This is the easiest and effortless toast that you will ever need to know. Try your favorite variations and take your breakfast up a notch. Now, you have a perfect way to relish your breakfast meal every day.

Avocado Toast- Breakfast foods


It is my favorite breakfast foods. It’s is not only easy to prepare but also roasting these Brussel sprouts leaves them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Thus, they are super tasty. Add your favorite combination of olive oil, salt or black pepper with them. Believe me, it is heaven.

Sprouts-Breakfast foods

Banana Smoothie

Busy schedule? Blend bananas, milk and a pinch of sweetener and a creamy, smooth shake is ready. All you need is 5 minutes to execute this breakfast idea. Bananas are freezer friendly, loaded with nutrients and keep you energized throughout the day. It is a perfect makeup meal, made in a flash, yet it is full of flavors. You can even run imagination wild and add perfect flavors to make it more yummy breakfast meal. It is a perfect hangover food and makes your day great as well. Say “Bye-bye” to boring breakfast foods this summer.

Banana Smoothie-Breakfast foods


Quinoa! one of the ingredients that is considered as a trendy superfood. Put salad dressing in a large jar of freshly cooked quinoa and an amazing breakfast meal is ready. The taste will go hand in hand with this gluten-free meal and you will feel full and satisfied all morning long with this simplest breakfast recipe.

Quinoa-Breakfast foods

Chocolatey Apple

It is time to get a little excited about fruits and veggies. Now, apple slices are going to make a fantastic breakfast food and will look more inviting than plain old apples. It will just take about 10 minutes to prepare your breakfast meal today, and super tasty protein-rich breakfast food is ready. Grab your favorite apple, slice into rings, scoop butter on each slice and drizzle melted chocolate for a lovely and more delicious effect. Grab an apple and say adieu to cold and flu.

Chocolate and Apple-Breakfast foods

Tomato and Butter Toast

Sometimes simple is best. Quick and easy to prepare, toast make light and healthy breakfast meal. Here’s the best way to eat tomatoes through a classic breakfast sandwich. It is mouthwatering toast that you will never want to miss. Grate tomato into pieces, season them with garlic/ salt and smear cheese on it. Shake up your breakfast routine with this classic toast.

Tomato and Butter Toast-Breakfast foods

Oats Uttapam

Uttapam is a great way to include oats in your breakfast if you dislike oat porridge. It is a perfect breakfast as it will be loaded with a good dose of veggies and heart-healthy oats.

Oats and Egg-Breakfast foods

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Fruits in breakfast! Oh yes, it is a sweet and delicious way to start the day. It is the best way to take advantage of all your favorite seasonal fruits in just one bowl. Top a plain old fruit cup with shredded coconut, raisins, and granola. It really tastes excellent. You could also have it two times in a meal and save rest for next day breakfast.

Fruit salad-Breakfast foods


No need to choose between a savory breakfast food or a sweet and delicious one. Make sandwiches waffles and you are set! They make a great breakfast meal. Load them with sizzling bacon, eggs, cheese and fresh slices of tomatoes. These crispy waffles make a yummy waffle sandwich for any filling you like. You can always choose your favorite fillings and make your breakfast meal more exciting.

Waffles-Breakfast foods

Chocolatey Carrot Cake

There is no denying that chocolates are everyone’s first choice. This is going to be the best carrot and chocolate cake that you’ll ever make. Amazing cake with delicious creamy cheese! It is easy to frost, slice, and store.

Chocolate and Carrot-Breakfast foods

Sweet Ginger Potatoes

It will make a perfect vegan breakfast meal. Now, you don’t need to treat sweet potato as a substitute for oatmeal or quinoa, instead, it is going to make a delicious and nutritious full meal in itself. A bowl of warm mashed potato sprinkled with salt or butter is utterly delicious, but spicy ginger cream balances out its sweetness and makes every pie unforgettable. Best of all, it doesn’t take much effort to make it. Moreover, they are super yummy and much healthier than regular white potatoes.

Sweet Ginger Potato-Breakfast foods

Bacon and Egg Hash

It is scrumptious breakfast loaded with all your favorites ( cheese, egg, bacon in one). It is fast to prepare and a great hit for breakfast with family or friends. This amazing trio is obviously going to make something that is salty, creamy and utterly delicious with a wonderful crunch of bacon.

Bacon and Egg Hash-Breakfast foods

Hot Apple Cereal

Healthy, protein and fiber packed breakfast bowl is waiting for you. This creamy and cinnamon spicy hot Apple Cereal is a BOMB! You’re gonna get completely addicted to it. The perfect sweetness from apples and creaminess from coconut milk sprinkled with cinnamon is a most comforting way to get your day off to the right start. This bowl of goodness will be the best thing even to enjoy at the end of the day lying on a couch.

Hot Apple Cereal-Breakfast foods

Blueberry Pancakes

Thick, fluffy, super basic pancakes- these best pancakes you can ever make. These warm blueberry bursts are soft and fluffy from inside, as soaked with maple syrup and the moment it bursts, a pat of butter in your mouth feels like heaven. Isn’t it simple? Obviously, It is wonderful to treat to give yourself in breakfast when berries are in season.

Blueberry pancakes-Breakfast foods

Kiwi Smoothie

This recipe will be your life long companion and shoot up your energy levels instantly. Kiwi is a tangy fruit that has numerous benefits. Once tried, you would like to add your own favorite seasonal fruits in it. Do we need to say more?

Kiwi smoothie-Breakfast foods

Oats with strawberries

Have you ever thought oats could make a good meal? Obviously, it can! All you need is rolled oats, chia seeds, milk, maple syrup, and vanilla and serve it up with chopped strawberries. It is going to be a thick, super nutritious and so freaking good breakfast meal.

Oats and Strawberries-Breakfast foods

Peanut and Banana Roll

These healthy and yummy rolls loaded with butter and banana make breakfast fun. It is the best way of eating a protein-packed snack in breakfast to get body fueled up for work. You just have to wrap up sliced bananas, creamy peanut butter and your favorite chocolate chip in a flour tortilla. Doesn’t it make a fun weekend breakfast food, lunch or a simple dessert?

Banana Roll-Breakfast foods

Spinach Pancakes

You would definitely want to skip this recipe with the name. But I want you to give it a try. These wonderfully green packed pancakes get their color from spinach. They are made of cornmeal and chickpea flour. No one likes green vegetables but who don’t like pancakes. It is a fantastic way to include vegetables in your meal.

Spinach Pancakes-Breakfast foods

Yogurt Smoothie

Take smoothie to a whole new level. Blend your favorite fruits with yogurt and milk/ coconut/ juice- whatever you like. It is the best way to get nutrients on the fly with a calorie-laden dessert-like breakfast. Plus you’ll get a full day’s with of daily vitamins with one glass of fruit smoothie.

Yogurt smoothie-Breakfast foods


No doubt, omelet is the ultimate breakfast food. Add tomatoes, onions and toasted broccoli to it and the delicious omelet is ready. This classic combination will absolutely make nutritious and yummy breakfast.

Omelet-Breakfast foods

Breakfast Salad

You would find a salad for breakfast the worst thing- but is not, especially if you’re on the mission to eat more veggies at breakfast. You can make your classic breakfast salad with a combination of textures and flavors. Have a fantastic breakfast meal with cinnamon, roasted butter, apple slices, avocado, egg, and walnuts.

Vegetable salad-Breakfast foods

I hope you are ready to start your day in a healthy way with yummy breakfast food. Meet you soon with the new post. Till then, enjoy your day with these delicious breakfasts.

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