21 Brilliant Life Hacks to Save your ValuableTime

Isn’t it irritating to spend your precious time in everyday dilemmas? Be it a flight reservation or household chores, here are some life hacks for all those situations that drive you nuts every day when you’re running out of time.

Are you are worried about your teeth color?

What makes teeth look yellow is just beyond your control? But there is an amazing hack for you to get rid of it. It is with easily available and most commonly used kitchen ingredient, baking soda. You just need to mix some toothpaste with baking soda, and apply it on your teeth, and leave it for a few minutes and voila, you have passed your exam of life hacks!

Travel hack to save your from cheap beggars

Because we know that you love saving and traveling, we decided to alarm you of these online travel agencies. They use cookies to track your visits, and if you are booking the often book the same flight from their site, then they may increase the price because they get to know that you are ready for purchase. Hence, make sure that you turn on ‘Ignito browsing‘ while booking flights online.

Prevent banana from turning brown before usage

This life hack will prevent bananas from ripening too quickly. If you’ve already sliced them, toss them with lemon or citrus juice. Basically, it delays the oxidation process. Just be sure not to place them near onions.

Dry your nails really fast in a bowl filled with ice-cold water.

We all face that annoying moment when we paint our nails and wave our hand back and forth to get them dry. Fill a bowl with cold water, and add a few ice cubes, and submerge your fingers into them for a few minutes.

ice cold water - Life Hacks

Use a staple remover to put your keys into a keyring, instead of damaging your fingernails.

Staple removers have thin teeth that fit between the rings of the keyring and make them easy to roll. This saves you from the pain that you might cause by using your bare hands to insert keys.

Lemon as a microwave cleaner

Put some squeezed lemon into a bowl filled with water and put it into the microwave. Let the water boil for a few minutes, and allow the steam to condense. After that, take out your bowl and wipe away all the deposited sticky substance with a damp cloth.

Newspaper is the perfect life hack for bad smell

This is a great tip in this list of life hacks! Stuff up newspapers into an enclosed space to get rid of unwanted odors. They act as a perfect odor-eaters. You can use them for funky smelling shoes or fridge.

 Ink stain remover

To get rid of ink stain from your clothes and pour a bit of hand sanitizer on the stain. After that, let it settle down for a few minutes and wash them.

Toothbrush for rug needle

Use toothbrush bristles to put a thread in the sewing needle.

ice cubes - Life Hacks

Use sellotape to collect garbage

Sellotape can easily pick the remains of dust that do not go into trash bag easily.

Remove off the stains from a lighter fabric

Grab two ice cubes and put them into the dryer along with clothes at the hottest temperature. It is an astonishing life hack for clothes.

Vinegar as a rust remover

Soak the tools in a jar of vinegar and salt overnight to remove the rust of tools.

Wooden spoon to prevent bubbles

Put a wooden spoon on the top of boiling water to prevent it from floating over.wooden spoon - Life Hacks


Reuse your empty bottles

Use old lotion or perfume bottles to put your phones to prevent their contact from the dusty surface.

Tennis ball holder

Make a narrow slit in a tennis ball and hang it on the wall. It will be a holder for papers, keys, and pen drives, etc.

Beeswax to waterproof boots

Rub beeswax on your shoes to make them waterproof.

Make your phone charger fast (one of my favorite life hacks)

Put your smartphone on airplane mode for fast charging.Mobile and charger - Life Hacks

Make rod with a toothbrush

A little tension rod can be made by boiling toothbrush and use it to hang your clothes to free some shelf space.

Get rid of deodorant marks naturally

To remove the deodorant stains from your shirt, rub it with your tight or nylon cloth.

Splash of vanilla for paint odors

While painting a room,  put a teaspoon of vanilla essence in every liter of paint to avoid unwanted paint odors.

Stretch shoes with a hairdryer

If bellies or shoes hurt you a lot, put a  thick socks pair and blow a hair dryer on the tight corners. Next, repeat until they comfortably fit you in.

Girl wearing shoes - Life Hacks

I hope you found a few ways to make your task easy with these life hacks. Do tell which of these are you going to use or if you have few other, feel free to share in comments.

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